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MRJpwyObuEKXV, 2012-03-16 00:14

In the spirit of the IgNobel Prizes, and with the beilderate objective of fostering participation in the newly launched , here are the present standings in the 2011 StackExchange Competition: Quien es mas erudito de todo? (QMET).The QMET judging criterion is a single integer: (1) compute the product of three StackExcange reputations: Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Computer Science, and MathOverflow, (2) take the natural logarithm and (#) round to the nearest integer.The present leading 2011 QMET medal contenders include: QMET Gold Medal leader: Peter Shor (22)QMET Silver Medal leader: Joe Fitzsimons (20)QMET Bronze Medal leader: Gil Kalai (19)Regrettably, STEM-sphere luminaries like Terry Tao, Scott Aaronson, and Luboš Motl all score - at present (due to non-participation in one-or-more forums).Who will earn 2011 s coveted QMET Medalla De Oro? To contend (or simply to watch), one need only participate in these three outstanding forums.

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