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Kodėl jie vis dar „nemeta“ grafikos?

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uIST0r8T, 2017-03-22 10:52

ACH Tranfer Rensetcd.Trajeaction ID 75292024271332.My wife accidentally clicked on the link and no ifo came out that is when she informed me about the e-mail.I went to the web and found out that his is a scam.Is there anything I can do to undo any damage?Thanks.GG

cRxzNLPsrp, 2013-06-10 17:08

Hi Jami,Wow, Ia0hadn’t realadized you had posted aa0comadment! Thanks and now that some time has paessd, Ia0have even more to say as aa0followup.I’ve been workading on GTD now for almost 5a0months and must say that it’s critadiadcal you be seriadous about makading change hapadpen or this will be just like all the other books on orgaadniadzaadtion one might have mucked with in the past with maradginal results.That said, I’ve benadeadfited greatly from using David Allen’s work as aa0startading place for my orgaadniadzaadtional foradmula. Here are the key things I’ve found most helpful.1. Getadting EVERYadthing out of your head and fixed in some tanadgiadble medium, be it paper or digadiadtal (a RAM chip is aa0tanadgiadble medium, right?).2. Takading all those things you got out of your head and putting them in ONE cenadtral place. This is so decepadtively simadple that its power could easadily be overadlooked. This (and the preadviadous point) is the real key to the entire book (in my opinadion) and the reaadson most of us humans (espeadcially info workaders) are so lost in the sea of overadwhelmading inforadmaadtion assailading us pracadtiadcally every minute.3. Reviewading your entire life in terms of the Six-Level Model: 50,000 Feet = Life, all the way to the Runadway = Curadrent Actions and doing this review on aa0regaduadlar basis. Ultiadmately, the real key here is the issue of review on aa0regaduadlar basis. If you write down aa0set of goals and never look at them again, it’s not really going to help you much ata0all.4. Becomading aware of the Natadural Planadning Model for projects and its 5a0phases (which we already use unconadsciously) and using this model to conadsciously manadage your life and all the sub-projects of which it isa0made.5. Finally, the pracadtiadcal, nuts and bolts advice he gives is aa0great time saver in terms of takading your mind off the miladlion ways you could get started putting prinadciadples into action. Ia0actuadally took the check list of mateadriadals with me to Office Depot and puradchased all the stuff in one sh

emNRTIIhiUJf, 2011-10-23 22:16

My hat is off to your auttse command over this topic-bravo!

padu, 2011-08-17 07:17

jūsų įtampa pasiliks visada.

gal , 2011-08-08 08:53

menas arba yra arba jo nera. koks skirtumas forma. grafika, telikas, tapyba ar dar kas. niekaip menotyrininkai neissivaduoja is modernistinio parodu vertinimo. lyg forma butu idomiau uz turini. beviltiskas straipsnelis apie nieka.

f, 2011-08-02 11:30

normali paroda, nors grafikai daug gersnes verti. O ko jus norit iš jaunimo, pasikalbėjo - vėliau bus įdomu.

Atsakymas:, 2011-07-28 18:56

- nes grafika meta juos. :) (joke)

sd, 2011-07-25 11:09

baikit nusisneket ir meskit jus ta beviltiska grafika

denas, 2011-07-24 20:26

po tokiu viesu pasikalbejimu niekas ir nevertina grafiku rimtai.

benas, 2011-07-24 12:52

iprocio galia, del to nemete,.,...

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